Heya! Amira's the name and writing's my game!

I guess the first thing to know about me is that I didn't start out writing like I do now. It was more of a hobby than a passion, I guess. I was more interested in other things, such as graphic design, animation, and filmmaking (especially). However, I did still have a small interest in writing. I just never really pursued it in terms of creating books and such. Actually, I wanted to be a screenwriter (you know, for movies and stuff). One would think going to school for literature or English would have been a better idea, in that case, but nope! I went into Film Production and graduated from two different colleges. I also discovered in the past couple of years that I absolutely love writing comics. They're the best mix of film/animation and writing (I just can't draw up to the standards that I want)! I also enjoy video editing, photography, and teaching. Long story short, as long as I have the means to create a story that others can enjoy, I'll be a happy camper~

Anyway... This introduction is long enough and I'm not very good at these so... I hope you enjoy my work, let me know what you think, aaannnd have an awesome day (or night)!

-Amira <3